EZee Piano Systems  Adult Accelerated  Beginner Piano  Program    

                                Adult & Senior  Beginner  Piano Lessons the EZee  way!

                                        Also  great for young adults 14 yrs. and up!   

                                                               Music Alert for  Adults, & Seniors

                                               It's never too late to learn.

                  -  Play using BOTH hands together from your first lesson!

                  -  Learn to play CHORDS and learn how to IMPROVISE!

                           Accomplish this in your first eight week session!

                   -  Taught in groups up to 4 students

                   -  Private Lessons as well

                   -  Ongoing eight week sessions to accommodate busy lifestyles!

                              Scroll down for the B.C.and Ontario locations nearest you.

                                                                      Castanet news video on EZee Piano Systems©

EZee Piano System© Video: What you can accomplish in the first EIGHT WEEK SESSION (3:36 min)

                            An Innovative Approach to Playing the Keyboard or Piano 

                                         For more information contact a licensed EPS teacher in your area. 

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                                                    EZee Piano Systems© Testimonials:  (1.56 min)

EZee Piano Systems© offers that special something for the Adult & Senior population,  (as well as the young adult) most of whom have always wanted the chance to play the piano but feel it is  too late to learn or that they will need at least three years minimum instruction before they will even start to sound good. This program is ideal  because it offers immediate satisfaction from the 1st lesson, with songs they can relate to.

Most people can accomplish in 5 to 6 months what traditionally take  over 2 years!

  "I am thrilled to be able to play a piano, and right from the very first lesson! Two-handed nonetheless! Paulette is teaching us music theory in small, logical bites, but giving us playing ability in big bites, so we come away with the skill to play real tunes!" Thanks Paulette! This is a whole new realm for me!     Ken Cooper West Kelowna      Testimonials

LOCATIONS in the Valley: Studios listed below:
                    Kelowna,  West Kelowna, 
Locations:  Duncan, B.C.   Elmira Ont.

Paulette nominated as one of the  "Best Teacher 's  in "Best of Kelowna 2013"

West Kelowna B.C. Studio and Head  Office: 250-768-5089                          

 Contact:   Paulette Breault: 250-768-5089

                   Email: ezpiano@telus.net                                                                                                               

                                                                                                       Paulette's Bio    


Licensed Program available to music teachers throughout Canada. For more information  contact Paulette through email. See "Career Opportunities"  under the"more" tab at the top of this page.


 Kelowna B.C.
Glenmore Area

Contact Mary Ellen Tabor:  250-448-4882
 email:  maryellen@kelownapiano.com
website: www.kelownapiano.com
Adults and Seniors as well as Young Adults(14yrs. and up) welcome

Mary Ellen's Bio

Duncan  B.C.


Contact:  Joanna Hibberd: 250-748-2838  email:  joannahibberd@gmail.com


Adults and Seniors as well as Young Adults (14yrs and up) welcome.


  Joanna's Bio

Elmira, Ontario

Contact: Virginia Friesen:  519-804-7705

Adults and Seniors as well as Young Adults (14 yrs and up) welcome.

Virginia's Bio